Let's 'zenify' Bouncespace

Though we know some of you had to get used to our energy talks, most of you are more then used to it now and even join the reiki healing, come down to get a hug, draw a tarot card or just enjoy the positive vibes;)! We often get the question if we meditate everyday, and how we got that into our daily routine. We want to help you to start meditating on a daily basis. The busier you are, the better it works! Our idea? The entire Bounce Building super zen within 40 days. Are you in?

Yes! I am in from the 8th of May

Now you probably wonder: ‘How, when? I don’t have time!’ To make sure everyone can meditate within 40 days we created an online program where you start with a daily practice of three minutes. After forty days you will be able to meditatie ten minutes in the morning and evening! How? We created fifteen (!) meditations, a work book, ten in depth whitepapers, video’s and an online coaching consult. You receive daily e-mails to stay up to date and be reminded about your meditation! All Bounce members get a 15% discount. Here you find more details about the program.

Jane vs Wil Hoe ver mag je gaan in de zorgen voor een ander

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